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They Won't Take Their Foot Off Max Konnor's Neck!


  1. As they shouldn't because he'll be right back to working with those white guys again.

  2. sounds like he is talking about off camera, on camera he works for the white studios that pay him the most money and gives him work behind the scenes as well. Just like friends that I have that are strippers and will work in the white clubs where guys are putting 20 and 50s in the G-String (Or wherever) vs black clubs where they are expected to do the most for a $1, in my own personal life I date black men only, been with the same guy for 10 years now, but it doesn't mean I don't understand him working for companies where he will make the most money. Even if they only have mostly white performers for him to work with.

    1. Bullshit. Max releases the majority of his own content and still films primarily with white and hispanic men.

  3. It's all about integrity and standing for something. Sure you can make more money in a white establishment. That's the set-up of this country. Black people's pockets are checked and controlled at the start. It's how you..we choose to respond to it. This also serves as psychological conditioning of Blacks to see themselves as less and to seek whiteness which in the end preserves white positions of power. This reminds me of the biblical quote what does it profit a main to gain the world but lose his soul. What does it profit a Black person to get a few extra dollars but consign himself and his people to perpetual enslavement?

  4. He appears to always be in some type of drama...interesting. Sexy mf can't stay out of toxic shxt.


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