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Kash Goes To Rehab...


  1. Well good, as a sign of good faith showing that he's going to be more effective, he should go full Spanish on his name: "Dinero en Efectivo."

  2. Talking about drugs, I just realized that Red (anyone remembers him?) is probably in prison for drug trafficking! I know his name is Kendesia May, and I just came across this rejected case of appeal. They even addressed his nickname as Red in the document! I feel sad seeing this. He's really hot.


    1. Yes. I do remember "Red". He did quite a few scenes with MachoFxxker too. An ex-associate of mine informed me in 2019 of "Red" getting caught up in some legal troubles. It's crazy how a lot of guys get caught up in the prison system because they fall for the switch & bait drug trade out there. That is no life to live nor play around with. Smh, really sad for him but man, he should've been a lot more wise than to get caught up in that mess!

  3. Well, I'm glad he's getting help. Hopefully, he sticks with it


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