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Did He Just Confess Something...


  1. That whole business of shaming people for bottoming or "fake top" being an insult or pretending to be a total top to be supposedly hotter is SO toxic.
    Internalized homophobia is a real plague for the community.

    1. Agreed it's so Toxic with the Bottom shaming. I am fully Verse , I take as well as I give but I dated a dude once who was a Bottom but was turned off when he found out that I could bottom too. In his eyes that made me less masculine than what he perceived me to be. I mean the whole rationalization behind this Bottom shaming is so ridiculous. Knockout has Bottomed too so why is he always going in on Fame is beyond me.

  2. What does "not a real top" even mean? What's wrong with the gays that you have to come out AGAIN as a bottom/verse. Why can't you like both? Why are folks bottom-shaming. It's so stupid.


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