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TanksNLove Got A Message For You...


  1. Why must this dude keep on trying to prove that he is not into guys only that he is taking dick in the ass for money ? This shit is so annoying.

  2. At what point does he stop trying to prove that he's straight? This is honestly getting old.

    1. At what point will gay people stop supporting him? I make it a point, to want what wants me. These onlyfans straight people are making a whole bunch of money off the gays and act like they are disgusted at the mere thought of another man listing over them. Stop supporting them! There are plenty of good-looking GAY onlyfans pages.

  3. why do people care if this drug addict ho is gay or not ? when he in need of crack, I'm sure he'd let a cat fuck him for coins.

  4. Who the fuck is he?


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