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Yea I Won't Be Giving My Coins To "Judah"

So I posted this dude in my discord yesterday.

 I mean look at the material...

But then I found this floating around..

He doesnt even like his own dick? 

So yeah he has since apologized  but only after the gays ate him up in the comments. 

I hope he is aware that the gays are built something different today. We will beat your ass if you try us.

In other words he is a homophobe who doesn't get down with the "gay shxt". 

We not supporting these types of boys in 2021!!


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. You know what they say. "A hit dog will holla"! LOL At least Tanks didn't threaten anyone!

  3. Sadly, some gays will still give their coin to him. Smh

  4. these guys believe that only females follow and buy subscriptions, we know better…..stop giving them your money if they hate disrespect or don't support you.


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