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King Stennis The Republican Wants You Democrats To Know..


  1. I suppose it is healthy in a democracy that people have different opinions but what is up with all the brothas coming out as idiots (Republicans) this year? For Trump of all people?
    At least Republicans used to *pretend* they weren't racists but now that they are open about it... folks are down with admitting they support them?
    Shaking my damn head at the foolishness

  2. I could give a shit about him supporting Trump but those comments he made....not wise, burying his own support.

    1. His "canceling everyone who is black / gay" comment. That was really dumb

  3. He is cancelling everyone who is Black and Gay ? Good luck with that because that's where most of his coins come from. Dude is funny though because I read somewhere that he is a Publicity or stunt Queen who do all this Trump shit just to get attention. I mean he is Good to look at and that's about it.


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