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If you like the blog, please join our new Discord server via the Discord App. 
iPhone Users Click here 

Android Users Click here 

 This invitation link is only good for 24hrs today but do not worry if you are not able to join after the link has expired. There will be a permanent link added later. 

 This group is 100% free* and have various topics for discussions. 

 *NSFW section is for donating members only. You must donate at least $10 ONE time payment via Cashapp and you must be an existing member of the discord group. Once you have donated you are added to that thread for a lifetime or as long as the thread exist. Send $$ to $luckeyfstarr and put your screen name in the "For" Section so I can add you to that particular thread. There is NO refunds if you leave or banned from the group. 

 Eventually I will be scouting for moderators so if you are reliable and would like to be a moderator for the group, please contact me. I ask that you are an active participant in the discord group please! 

 Please keep in mind we still working on the server to make a better experience for everyone so please be patience! 

1 comment:

  1. I'm looking forward to seeing the new Mortal Kombat movie he's starring in. Other than that, the silly mask & "vote" I have no interest in.


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