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Blind Item: YouTube Webseries CEO Got A Sextape With His Employees...

Okay so we are going to play a guess game. This well known CEO and head director of popular Webseries recently lost a ton of weight and has been letting his freak flag fly high.

 He has a sex tape floating around with "actors" from various shows. The host of a dating show is featured throughout the clip.  The dating show featured one popular actor turned porn star and another porn star who was kicked off his own show because he was too drunk. I'll give you a small clip as a hint..  
The full video is on my discord so you will have to join it below to see it.


  1. Wow that's crazy look at Mr.Signal tv himself! I thought he had a boyfriend?

  2. I don’t see this on your discord is uploaded yet?

  3. The host of the dating show is ??

  4. Oh wow look at the host of Cuffin Season getting freak. I guess Signal 23 is really about what they put out lol


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