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The REAL Reason Why Most Athletes And Entertainers Prefer Prostitutes Over Civilians.

This excerpt is from an article featuring an athlete, who confirms that a lot of players in his sport - football (soccer) - solicit prostitutes instead of regular girls or regular groupies because they don't have to worry about getting extorted by them. I'm sure athletes in other sports and entertainment are doing it too. It applies to male prostitutes as well. Nicklas Bendtner has made the shocking claim that footballers using sex workers is a 'widespread phenomenon' and some use prostitutes on the night before matches. The former Arsenal striker was a controversial figure during his time in England and was considered a 'bad boy' by many due to his run-ins with the law and disciplinary issues. In his autobiography, 'Both Sides', Bendtner claims that everyone in football knows somebody who has used a prostitute on nights out and that it is too risky to be involved with a 'civilian'. Bendtner admitted that the reason why footballers use prostitutes is that they cannot be exploited by 'gold diggers' who will threaten to expose their night of passion if certain requirements are not met. 'We're talking about gold-diggers from the nightlife scene who are up for a f*** and then take a photo of you sleeping it off while you're starkers. With those photos as their trump card, they can demand stuff to keep their mouths shut. And they do. The striker also revealed a woman he had spent the night with demanded a boob job or she would declare she was pregnant with his child. The Danish forward added: 'I know about loads of incidents involving prostitutes. But I know of just as many stories about extortion via social media. 'One of the girls I've been with comes back and claims I've got her pregnant. That there's a price if she's going to do something about it.' "And what does that mean?" I ask. "It means you've got to pay for a pair of new boobs for me. I want my t*****s fixed," she says. So I end up paying for her trip to the cosmetic surgeon.'

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