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Mister Bolden's Take On Fake Friendships..

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Wuddup Good People! Bout to hit this gym real quick. I Just wanna say to all of my normal, sane minded, thinking individuals......DO NOT DEVIATE FROM WHAT YOU CONSIDER REAL FRIENDSHIPS! Don’t fall victim to feeling lonely, Not a part of the group, Maybe you can settle for a lil toxicity over genuine Good Folks in your life. You measure real friendships based on ACTIONS not words. People that want you in their lives for friendship or maybe something more will ask you “Would you like to come with me?....” “How are you feeling today?” “I was thinking about you” “Do you need to talk?” “I would like to do this with you” and etc. You won’t hear from them when they’re only bored, or after they already had their fun. DO NOT ACCEPT BEING A AFTERTHOUGHT FOR PEOPLE! PEOPLE THAT ACTUALLY GIVES A FUCK ABOUT YOU WON’T NEED TO BE TOLD THIS BECAUSE THEY ARE ACTIVELY THINKING ABOUT YOU! Differentiate being someone’s Past time VS someone meaningful for them. Thas it! Good Day!😉 #selfevaluation #selfreflection #truth #locs #blackman #fitnessjourney #goodhealth #relationshipgoals #selflove

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