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Our Favorite Zaddy Giovanni Watson Twerking For The Freaks!

Several vloggers have already posted the tea on Giovanni Watson and his latest hustle but I gotta say allegedly to protect the platform. Just in case you wasnt aware of Gio Watson or what he has been up to, let me catch you up to speed.

Gio Watson started out as a dancer and a bit actor before he got his break as a former co-host of Jason Lee's Hollywood Unlocked. He would eventually get fired for undisclosed reasons although Jason alluded that Gio was engaging in some inappropriate activities. It was later revealed that Gio was out here allegedly scamming the girls for nudies as he was moonlighting as a lingerie talent scout. The scandal caused him to lose jobs and was damn near blacklisted.

A few months later I was told that Gio had a secret email and was selling his own nudes and video clips in exchange for money...allegedly. I'm not able to confirm or deny if the person running the scheme is in fact Gio or some random person with his nudes. I can say that he seems to be cool with his customers and stressed that he is not gay or into ass play.....allegedly.

Nevertheless times are hard and bills gotta get paid. I always thought Gio was attractive even as a "BIG boy" as he has gain weight over the years. At least he is giving the boys what they want to see right? 

Anyway his latest leak was a clip of your boy twerking that big ol trunk.

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