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NFL Baller Antonio Brown Getting Some Top By A Porn Starlet?

2020 got people out here switching whole careers out here. The latest is allegedly former NFL bad boy Antonio Brown. His alleged FB and porn Starlet Teanna Trump posted a clip of her giving him the sorriest head I have ever seen. For those who doubt the video is legit the painting in the xxx clip matches the painting in the IG video. It was said he shot the video upstairs in his private gym.
He starts calling himself “daddy”, then he says, “you remember how daddy likes his d*ck sucked?” She goes, “No, I don’t think I really remember. But I’m gonna pay attention to your body language to figure it out.” Then he pans the camera to show his gym and the mural of him. Fun fact: Antonio Brown's naked body was featured in ESPN 2016 Body Issue

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