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Your Local Street Pharmacists Is Having The Best Week Ever!

While restaurants, schools, malls, bars and public services close down there's one place where business is booming, legal and illegal marijuana sales.  Dispensaries as well as our local "street pharmacists" say they are having a hard time keeping weed in supply since words of possible quarantines have circulated.

"We've been the next stop after the grocery store"  Dion Walker, a dispensary owner told us.  "While some people have been stocking up on toilet paper, our customers have been buying rolling papers.  We've had to turn people away we've been so packed."

Some shops are now only serving medical marijuana patients while they wait for more of their recreational supply to arrive.

Recreational users were turned away at several dispensaries Sunday morning because the supply sold out Saturday.

"We exceeded our expectations about how much stuff we had, and the number of purchasers we were allowed to service, so that was a good thing," said Sam Willard, another dispensary owner. "But be patient. Wait for the cultivators, the license cultivators medical to continue to grow and produce their stocks so they can transfer it to dispensaries for adult-use sales,"

They aren't alone. Another dispensary just two blocks away said it's out of recreational marijuana until the middle of next week.

Baking Out Loud said it's giving medical patients priority. The dispensary ran out of recreational marijuana on Sunday, but hope to have the product by Monday morning.

A local street dealer who only goes by the name "Rico Gas" told us he's not worried about catching Coronavirus. 

"I deliver so I ain't worried about catching the virus, you cash app me I'll drop in your mailbox and go on about my way"

Rico says business has been good for him as well.

"All my regulars have been order double and triple what they normally get, anticipating they might not be coming out for awhile."

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