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They Want YOU To Stop Hooking Up And Hunching During Coronavirus Pandemic 🙄😏

An Emergency Room Nurse has urged the LGBTQ community to lay off hooking up during the coronavirus pandemic in a Reddit thread.
They said they have ‘worked countless hours trying to protect myself and others and treat patients’. And they said they only had ‘limited’ personal protective equipment.
They added: ‘And seeing posts saying things about how fun the weekend was or how great it was to go out after a depressing week of news makes me sick.
‘There’s a time and a place for everything. During this pandemic going out is absolutely not the time to be going to festivals, bars and clubs and bragging about it.
‘As an ER nurse working in the frontline, this is the biggest slap in the face ever.’
Moreover the nurse finds those who are educated about the virus and keep going out particularly ‘infuriating’.
They added: ‘Men who are fishing for likes on social media and have no idea what kind of privilege they have.’
To some men ‘sex and drugs is more important than a life’
Others are sympathetic. Moreover, they are being responsible and safe, even if some are being reckless.
One bisexual guy commented: ‘If HIV couldn’t stop people from having unprotected sex with a stranger, you really think COVID-19 will stop them from going out?
‘People are choosing to be ignorant because partying, sex and drugs is more important than a fucking life.
‘You might not be that affected by it, but some boomer, or a cancer patient going through treatment, people whose immune systems are weak, they can die because of your lifestyle. Please stay at home.’
And another guy said dating apps are busier than ever.
He said: ‘Heck if anything Grindr is more lit-up now than in regular times. I told a guy that I work in restaurants (two of them) and he didn’t care, still wanted to meet up, I declined.
‘It’s becoming painfully obvious that a lot of gay men are all drawing from the same two brain cells.’
Meanwhile yet another user said several men had asked him for sex despite the risks.
He said: ‘This one 46-year-old sent me his location and said he was free all day today. I was like “Dude, I don’t know you, nor do I wanna do anything with a stranger right now.”
‘Another dude said he’d love to cuddle me. And I’m like “With a virus going around?” It’s just weird how people choose to not give a crap.’

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  1. I am seeing this and I am like really WTF. My hand will surffice until this passes because no ass or dick is worth me putting myself or my loved ones in danger.

  2. Like I said grown adults who think for themselves will not live in fear or allow sinister governments to ruin their lives just because sheep minded slaves choose to do so. Not saying to be reckless but don't stop loving\living either for assholes who want to dictate or control every move you make. Is this not what Christian extremists do under the guise of "wanting to save you"? Wake up.

    1. I'm sorry but having a sex party with a 143 people in a close space is very reckless and irresponsible. Nobody is saying go live under a rock and hide..we just simply saying be a lil bit more cautious or responsible. That's not trying to control people or whatever you were saying.

      But hey I'm almost positive these men were engaging in unprotective sex anyway which is just as risky...

    2. I am not one to engage in sex parties either but I also don't agree with allowing people who are known to abuse their authority, make up more rules that will target even more individuals just because of a certain "lifestyle" or choices they choose to me. Just like I don't go to strip clubs but people shouldn't be forced to stop going to them. That's their body, their own risk. Also, people are living under a rock. May not be you but many who can't think for themselves are, out of fear, ignorance & blind compliance. That's more dangerous than any virus especially if it means intruding on the lives of others.


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