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Julio Gomes Allegedly Scamming Fans....

So apparently fans are saying Julio Gomes is out here scamming people out of money..

This is not the first time I have heard of this allegations and sadly I'm not surprised.

Either Julio Gomes or someone closes to him have allegedly been scamming people out of money. Keep in mind, Julio has been incarcerated for a minute now and somebody is making up these social media pages on his behalf. They taking people's money without rendering services which is a scam.

Everyone is different when it comes to the sex industry.  Some people take their brand very serious and some people only care about money even if it means stealing or scamming.

Nevertheless no matter who you are dealing with, you have to be very careful of who you choose to do business with. Even I gave been burned once or twice but never for the third time. Some people will mess it up for everyone.

And its probably going to get worse as time go by especially with the aftermath of this coronavirus mess. Desperate times calls for desperate measures.

I will be keeping my eye out on this. 

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