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Founder Of Blatino Oasis Says 2020 Will The Event's Last Year!

Founder of Blatino Oasis Joe Hawkins says this year will be the last year for his now world famous event.  What started off as an idea 14 years ago quickly became the party destination for black and brown gay men.  In a series of Facebook posts he explains why now is the time.

He writes:

I am an introvert and yet, I have been producing this event called Blatino Oasis for 14 years in Palm Springs, California. This will be my last Blatino Oasis event this year as I make way for something new. The contradiction of being introverted and being "out there" as some have called it, can be confusing to others when they get to know me. Most people expect me to be the social butterfly or barfly or the life of the party, instead of who I really am, a person who is more at home being at home, or on a isolated beach somewhere. But I forced myself to be involved in ways I never imagined.

Even when I produced club events for 25 years, I was an introvert. I have been introverted since I was a child. It always felt weird hosting parties for so many people, for so many years, when all I wanted to do was be alone in my cave. Blatino Oasis has been a fascinating experience for this introvert. Wow!

Join me as I end this chapter of my life called Blatino Oasis on May 1-3, to make room for something new.

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