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Indiana Woman Shot And Killed In Traffic Accident After Blackmailing And Outing DL Gay Man.

Via Dispora7: A woman was shot and killed in traffic after blackmailing and outing gay black men. She had stated that if she died it’s them who killed her. The police have not yet confirmed the motive, but people who saw the event happen in real time said woman went on social media and stated that a man she had been seeing had an hour to pay her 5,000 or she was going to reveal a secret about him. After time passed, she took to social media and exposed that the man was gay, and she caught him having sex with his cousin. She then went LIVE to continue outing them, then saying one the men already tried to kill her once before. Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers responded to the scene near Lafayette Road and 30th Street before 10 a.m. after an officer in the area reported hearing multiple shots fired and then a crash. Police arrived to find 4 cars crashed, and the woman in the live above was found dead with gunshot wound. She was taken to the hospital where she later died. IMPD PIO Grace Sibley said: “We believe this to be a directed and isolated incident… This is not where we want to be as a community, this is not where we want to be as a city,” Police say while they won’t confirm motive for now, the victim had posted numerous inflammatory social media messages in recent days.


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