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Sarge Aka Samson Responds To "Ask Luckey" Letter..


  1. Who cares if he doesn't come back to porn. I respect his stance against not doing bareback porn. I get that but why does he specify Gay porn? Does he plan on doing bareback straight porn? I hope he still has that same sense of not doing bareback when it comes to straight porn if he ever decided to do it or is he taking a chance to shit on the gay folk and I'm not focusing on the bareback issue. Sarge, stay out of it...stay where you are. You and we all will be ok.

    1. The dude is married with children I read somewhere. So, I'm not surprised he feels that way. He may be conflicted with his own sexuality...then again, who the fuck really knows what's going on with him. People like that you just can't trust. They're very wishy, washy. One minute, they wanna do that. The next minute, they wanna do something else. Then, they wanna go back to doing what they used to do. Then, they switch up again lol.

  2. If he does come back, he should produce his own website or just be a content creator


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