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Rome Major Throw Fit Over His Onlyfans Lack Of Support...

Rome Major is an interesting subject. He started his porn career in those ghetto gagger videos back in the 2000s. He would eventually go on to work with major studios and make a name for himself.

Back then he wasn't too much a fan of the attention his ass (pun intended) used to get and used to block bloggers such as myself for making mention of it. Truth be told it was what got people's attention.

  I guess he would eventually catch on and started to cater to his gay fans but not with a lil hesitation...

Lately he has been going on full rants towards his gay following,  complaining about their lack of support and even threatened to give up on his page.

In my humble opinion I think he just needs to get out of his thick skull and give the fans what they want to see without compromising his image. He is known for that ghetto big booty so show more of it in your films. Maybe hire a professional to shoot your films. Be more creative. For God sakes stop bitching and complaining.  As I have said many times before, people will not pay for mediocre especially when everybody got a fan page now.

I like Rome and I will hate to see him go...unless he is walking away....slowly....naked...


Rome Major offers a reasonable price..

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  1. He aint cute enough for anybody to be putting up with his shit. ..


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