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Phat Daddy Wants You To Pay More For His Onlyfans Content..

A couple of days ago, Phat Daddy's real life brother King Dingo broke the news that his brother, who retired from porn some years ago, was making a comeback with his own Onlyfans xxx page.

Well his fans aren't happy because Phat jacked his prices up TWICE his debut. In addition to that, he mentioned that if he didn't receive tips, the pages will go away....🙄.

As I have said on my own Twitter page,  I feel like a lot of these models professional and amateur alike are becoming increasingly entitled and lazy. They are relying on their namesake and body of work that was done years ago.

Every model should have his price BUT if you are going to charge such an exorbitant amount of money for membership to your fan page, you better make damn sure your content is worth it and trust me, the fans will be the judge of that.

EVERYBODY has a fan page and it is extremely competitive. No one is going to waste their money on you because you are *insert name*. Not to be shady but every model is only as good as their last scene. Fans are very fickle and will move on when you decide to "retire". A comeback in the adult industry is a reintroduction to newer potential clients. 

I don't want to compare but Rhyheim Shabazz is a prime example of someone, who creates great content for his fans and he only charges 9.99 per month. I think he should charge way more in my humble opinion.

As far as Phat Daddy threatening to shut down his page if he doesn't receive tips, I think that is beyond ridiculous.  Tips is not mandatory. If anything he should concentrate  on building his fanbase on his page and be grateful for tips he does get.


  1. He must be desperate for coins if hes demanding that kind of money for a boring performer who hasn't worked in years. I thought he was a barber ? If you any good you can work 7 days a week and make a ton of money.

  2. Replies
    1. Well, that was quick! Good riddance. My advice to Phat Daddy, get a real job!


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