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Famous, Black, Gay & Dating Outside Our Race ft #DerrickGordon & #DarrenYoung


  1. No.. I don't understand this and I am a gay Black man. I will say I will not stand in the way of people being with who they want to be. I do notice when it comes to many Black people who have an extreme desire for everything but Black, they feel and have a need to stand up and proclaim it profusely. Whites and other non-Blacks are less excited to proclaim this in a serious matter of fact way. They indulge in their fetish and it is what it is. Blacks seem to go all in and if you don't understand oh well. Yes some Blacks can come off mean and intolerant because it is mind boggling to them. How can these Blacks, those with whites for instance, desire the image that has been to detrimental and offensive to Blacks for centuries? To truly know thyself and our history and all the work we have to do to right our course doesn't leave much room for romantic relations with whites and to a large degree with other groups. I always tell Black people "You Have No Friends"...look up this speech by Dr. John Henricke Clark on YouTube. In closing, who you decide to be with...especially marry has a definite impact on the Black community and diaspora. What psychological message are you sending? I say all of this and at the end of it all I will repeat I will not hate on you for being with who you want if for no other reason I don't want anyone to tell me who to be with. Food for thought. Hollywood...and Advertising is real. What we are told is beauty and good will and does affect what we like and desire in many cases. I wonder what African man or woman who had never seen a white person knew there was a white man or woman to be exclusive with? Did that African refuse to love his own image?

    1. I agree with you 100%, and I can't bash these men because its the insidious nature of the world we live in. Black is seen as the devil and evil, while white is seen as purity and clean. Thus why our women want the long straight hair and our men lust for Becky's pussy. Then we repeat what the white man says about us and call each other the N word. Its deep but we must strive to understand the world we live in. WE ARE THEIR ENEMY.

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