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In Loving Memory Of Dawg Dixon...🙏💝

Adult Entertainer And Model Dawg Dixon recently passed away. As of this written there is no further info on the cause of death. The post will be updated as I gather information.

Dawg Dixon enter the adult industry while in his 40s, working closely with Forbidden Media (BlackBreeders). He got into the business as favor for a friend who was starting up Black Breeders and needed models.

 Known as "Ministry of Touch," he was also a well respected masseur. He went on to launch his own site DawgDixon.com.

In addition to the porn industry, Dixon had a background in HIV outreach, testing and education and have worked in the field for more than 20 years.

Dixon was the key subject in writer Wyatt O'brian Evans' novel on his life and journey in the adult industry. 


  1. May he RIP.
    How old was he when he passed?

  2. Wow...I had no idea. Well, at least he's no longer in this capitalistic shit-ball called "earth". Rise In Power brotha. I really enjoyed his work. I guess maybe that is why we haven't seen too many updates on blackbreeders for quite some time....

  3. In shock. I knew him as he lived in Boston, used to work in a hay video shops
    . nice guy. sorry to hear.Rip.


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