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Vinny from Jersey Shore Dick Report...


On How They First Met:

- Says the hook-up was such a while ago that she doesn't mind talking about it and she has nothing bad to say about Vinny. She was 23 at the time.

- Said she was looking for hook-ups because she was hurt by how things went down between her and CT (The Challenge/The Real World) and looking to get him out of her mind.

- Said Vinny was best for a hook-up 'cause (1) he doesn't live in her state (2) he was "fuckin' mad bishes" and therefore she wouldn't allow herself to get emotionally attached

- When her season of BGC came out, she said she tweeted Vinny because she always had a crush on him. Said she has a soft spot for Italian men.

- He followed her, they DMed each other, and she flew out to NY with her BFF. Vinny came to the hotel and met them.

- Vinny took 'em out to the club and had a VIP section. They drank all night. Said they were all over each other and super handsy, making out and such. Dani's BFF went off to do her own thing and left Vinny and Dani to themselves.

- As Dani and Vinny stumble back to the hotel, they're "aggressively" making out in the hallway, elevator, and eventually her room.

- Dani said she prefers things to get a little rough in the bedroom, and Vinny already got that memo without her having to say a word.

- There was a painting on the wall in the room, and Vinny would grab her neck, choke her a bit, and slam her head against the wall, which Dani loved. She described it as the kinkiest sex she's ever had in her life.

The Dick Report:

- Dani describes Vinny's dick as huge. She called it a "horse penis." She said it's not so much long, but very wide. She said it was larger than four hot dogs put together, which she admits is a slight exaggeration.

- She said she has a small throat and mouth, so she was lookin' at Vinny like, "Um, where is that gonna go?" And Vinny was like, in yo mouf!

- She said he was standing up on the bed and she was standing on the floor, so that Vinny's dick is nearly leveled to her eyes. And she was like omg this is about to go in my throat.

- Vinny grabbed her by the back of her head and shoved that dack into Dani's throat, and just a few minutes into slobbing that knob, she THREW UP ON HIS DICK lmao!!! She said she didn't eat all day that day, and she was drinking all night, so it was just a bad combo. So she said it was more like a liquid throw up of vodka cranberry, not a chunky food one.

- She said she was expecting Vinny to have a terrible reaction, but he just wiped off the regurgitation, wiped it on her face, and told her to keep sucking his dack. And she was like alright.

- They hoped in the shower and got the nastiness right off of 'em.

- Vinny practices safe sex. He had magnum condoms. She said his dick wouldn't fit into a trojan.

- Dani said they started having sex, and she was on the bottom and when he entered, it took a while for her vag to get accustomed to his large dack. She said it felt like his dick went up into her rib cage and back into her throat - that's how large he felt.

- She was like, "WTF if he has a gf, how does he deal with that dack everyday?"

- Said Vinny was the best sex she's ever had in her life. But she doesn't believe she could handle someone of Vinny's size. She said he's an expert at what he does and has a lot of tricks up his sleeve. He knew what the fuck he was doing.

- She said the sex was long, and that towards the end, Vinny said something like, "I don't cuddle," which was fine to her. He gave her a kiss on the forehead and left. Dani claims that she didn't really care because she already knew what it was from jump. But reiterates the sex was mindblowing!

- Dani met up with Vinny a second time - same song and dance. Club, got taken care of, went back to hotel, and said the second time was just as good as the first.

- Said Vinny got upset with her that night because she was shitfaced drunk and they argued, but she's thankful he wasn't too annoyed to a point that he would withhold the D.

- Mentioned there was a time she was at Mohegan Sun where Vinny was hosting an event, and thought she'd get the D a third time, but there were other bitches around tryna fuck so she got deprived of the dack

- Two years later, both Vinny and Dani just got out of relationships and they were both feeling hurt. They were both in LA filming, and they met up again for sex, but Dani said it wasn't as good as the first two times because they were both too attached to their exes. And that was the last time they fucked.

- Said Vinny was always nice, always a gentleman. Has nothing but positive things to say about him in terms of the bedroom, but doesn't really know anything else about him (his fav color, what he likes to eat).

- "I don't know shit about this man except he has a nice dick and he knows how to fuck, so ladies slide in that DM!" Dani concluded.

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