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British Rapper Fredo Faces Criticism Over Suspect IG Moment..

Apparently Lil Nas X coming out last month taught the world of hip hop nothing.  Fellow rapper from "over the pond" Fredo has been facing scrutiny over what people are saying was a suspect moment.

While on his IG Live, a male can be seen leaning towards Fredo before the rapper stop the man in his tracks and telling him "he can't...he is on live".

People on both sides of the spectrum were clowning Fredo suggesting that the rapper might be "suspect".

Let's say the man did like men. What exactly is the big idea?

Call me naive but it looked like the man was probably messing around with Fredo. Totally innocent.

The real question I personally want to know is what he looks like underneath those clothes.

You can judge for yourself if you care.

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