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  1. Hey Luckey, I don't see any place on your blog to be able to leave you a message? I just wanted to know if you could cover a post about Tops who finally bottomed on camera? Example, Black bottomed for Phoenix, Blaze bottomed for Peanut, Chase Coxxx bottomed for someone, Daddy bottomed for someone, DeAngelo bottomed for Arthur Baiano, Deep Dicc bottomed for Markell, Knockout bottomed for Staxx Isaiah, Kappa bottomed for Young Buck, Krave bottomed for someone, Paris AKA Jackson Wheels bottomed for someone in a wrestling match and when he was younger, Sexcyone bottomed for Kacorot, Slim Thug bottomed for Felony and etc. A post like this would be very helpful. Thanks for your consideration if you get this message.


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