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Long Live Jay Dymel 💝

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  1. Life is too short indeed. These young folks are living life to the fullest with and regard for the consequences. I thank my lucky stars I came out the other end of my 20s and never do I wish I could relive those times. You know people say they don’t want to live a humdrum life. They want to experience new things. They want to put themselves in a state while having sex. Why I ask. It’s just so sad that this young man lost his life.

    I get on my freak twitter page and I see so many people having unprotected sex. Wanting the biggest dicks to penetrate them. Want to pop the phattest asses. That’s all fine and good. But what about your health. Is that person that you shared your body with gonna be with you in the hospital while some nurse is drawing your blood and some doctor is pscribing drugs that’s gonna change your mood. Make you gain or lose weight. Give you a feeling of alienation. I wish people would wake up. Treat life as a gift because that is what it is. Things can be a lot worse. You could be blind. Deaf or dumb. Love yourself. Believe me a roll in the hay ain’t worth it. That dude or female ain’t gonna give two shits about you or your feelins. Again love yourself even if it means abstinence. Don’t take yourself away from the people that care about you the most.


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