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Chino Blac Is Retiring...

If you are a Chino Blac fan, you betta enjoy him while you can because your boy stated via social media that he is retiring from the adult industry.  Not sure if this includes his fan page but nevertheless the star says he wants to retire "Chino" while he is on top.


  1. I love Chinos work but these so called porno performers kill me with announcing their so called retirement and then always return a few months later. Why do u need to announce it. Once u stop, just stop lol

    1. I agree but i think they do it so fans are not sursprise when they dont see them anymore. Also even when models stop shooting porn, movies are still released after...sometimes months or years down the line.

  2. I've Been A Fan Of Chino Blac Since Day One & He's A Real Cool Down To Earth Guy If This Is True About His Retirement From The Adult Industry I Wish Him Nothing But The Best In All His Future Endeavors Thank You For All Those Wonderful Scenes That You've Blessed Us With Over The Year's Your A Man With Many Talents God Bless ��

  3. I've never been turned on by any of his scenes so, um, Enjoy "Retirement"!!!


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