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Ask Luckey: Sarge aka Samson Is BACK

Hi Luckey.

 I was wondering how Sarge has been since he stepped away from Porn but I see that he is now working for Black Wrestling under the name of Sansom. He still looks really good and I wonder could the door be open to him possibly coming back to do Porn. I see that Hot Rod is back with Cocodorm.


Hey A.D.

While I do think Sarge aka Samson is back on the scene,  I highly doubt he would get back into porn unless he is doing amateur porn or working with Dawgpoundusa. He came from an era where condom use was required and bareback didn't quite take over yet. People have to consider that he is married with kid now.

As for Hot Rod, he has been back in porn for a while now. He made his comeback with Breed It Raw's Fuck House series. I'm kinda shocked he is back on Cocodorm to be honest.




  1. When you retire, you either have enough money or the ability to do something else. Most of these guys don't have the skills or desire to do anything else.

  2. When porn stars make these mini appearances under new names, that usually means that they are probably going to be doing the hardcore stuff again. I wouldn't be surprised if Sarge ends up back in porn, including bareback. Even John Johnson aka Ace Rockwood just did some stuff in bi and gay, and even barebacked Wolf Hudson. I can see Sarge making it big in trans porn as well. We'll be seeing more of him soon. I don't think him having a family will make any difference if he needs the quick cash.

  3. https://tenor.com/view/youright-right-point-gif-9467383

  4. He can make a good come back just not with a bad partner they have to.do the works he was a very good vers performer and a great bttm just dont have have dry stunts and shows


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