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Phoenix Fellington Chimes On Jacen Zhu's Statement On Noir Male!

Yesterday Jacen Zhu revealed why he no longer works with Noir Male.

Fellow model Phoenix Fellington chimes...

Fun fact: Phoenix Fellington won Nior Male's Man of The Year in 2018.


  1. I remember on one NoirMale Twitter poll the top vote getter by a long shot was "Black-Black" pairings. But NoirMale keeps going hard on making sure a white boy is in the mix. Also, interracial can also mean Asians, Native Americans, non-Black Latinxs, etc. Why do white people have to be centered in a studio named "NoirMale"? Why do white people constantly have to be centered at all?

  2. Wait a minute, so Token's are getting their "Nigga Wake Up Calls?" And why am I not surprised? Like he said, these fools choose to play the game and then wanna "get mad" when they lose. No. But y'all keep on WANTING to integrate and think y'all are opening doors and all that..WHITE PEOPLE WANT TO USE YOUR BLACK ASSES TO SERVE THEIR PURPOSES. And after you are used up, they throw your loose-bootied asses back to the blacks, which is usually at the end of your "careers" - when nobody else wants you. Ask Jerry Stearns - whether he'll admit to it or agree to it, the viewing public see's it very differently what happened to him. FOR YEARS, he slung his dick up in them nasty-ass trailer park, white trash infected holes as the Token "Mandingo"..I literally only seen him do ONE SCENE with another black dude, while working with the Whites. Then, after he got older, grayer, body lost some of it's vigor and mass, he took his old, grandpa ass over to BlackBreeders to fuck them Uncles and Grandpas. To make it so bad, these young guys today, THINK they are just participating in "INterracial Porn", not knowing they are helping meet a hidden agenda. Always consider the hidden messages your actions and your participation in things when dealing with ANYONE really, but especially White people who are paying you for services rendered. Especially as it pertains to SEX. You are their slave, and don't forget it. Don't get mad or be upset when they finally reveal their truth to you.

  3. NextDoorEbony be doing the same shit. Y'all need to pay attention. White people invented and control the Porn Industry. They are trying to ERASE "Black on Black" porn altogether and are going as far as to label any porn with a black performer in it, as "Black" porn, even if he or she is the only "Black person" in it. Have you not paid attention to the porno site categories lately. Even dumbass viewers are uploading "Interracial scenes" in the categories designated as "Black" or "Ebony." Wake the fuck up. Have you been to these porno sites lately? Not PH, but other ones like Xhamster, XVideos, GayTube, etc? The majority of Black-on-Black scenes are rated low. Hardly NONE of the "Top Rated" scenes are ever Black guys...YET, these white boys break their NECKS to bed a Black guy, wanting to be dug out, pounded, and made to feel like a helpless damsel in distress that's getting raped, all to fulfill some sick fantasy because they truly believe we are the ones who are "Sex crazed". But they're the ones who came up with ALL THE SICK, TWISTED and FREAKY shit. And y'all are depending on NoirMale to fulfill some "Black on Black" demand? Why exactly? So that they can take away from the Black Production Companies? So that they can employ and steal away more of these SwissChocolate niggas from all the black production companies first? Leaving us with cracked-out, drug addicts to perform in pornos, and not getting paid because WE aren't supporting our OWN? Phoenix Fellington was all over Tumblr with pictures of him and his ugly ass White boyfriend, the first scenes that were released with him in it, were Interracial scenes. Then, some of his BIR scenes started coming out, and he was always on "top" in these black-on-black scenes. but he was letting the white boys run up in him left and right, AND RAW. It wasn't until much later on, actually recently, that he did scenes where he bottomed for a black guy, and raw. Unfortunately, it was with some dude named Miller Axe, who might as well be another LiamCyber SwissChocolate mf'er. That shit bombed out. He took his ass back over to NoirMale, where all the "prettier blacks" were bottoming and bitching for Whitey...did a scene with ugly ass Fame and SwissChocolate SnowQueen Trent King where he bottomed a second time on screen with another black person. Third time, was with Max Konnor. Now, Phoenix has fucked plenty of Versatile black dudes before bottoming for a twink bitch Miller Axe, a new (at the time) guy Fame, and this come-back-as-a-Top reinvented Isaiah Foxxs rebrand. He fucked Gio, and countless others, who could have easily flip fucked him. Why didn't he? Now Jacen...I like Jacen, he's cute. I can't stand the ridiculous faces he makes, and he is just as contrived and over-the-top as Race Cooper when it comes to exaggerating the emotions, but AT LEAST JACEN, came into this industry without a color blind on. This is why I fucks with Jacen, and not Phoenix.

  4. Phoenix Fellington is a Snowqueen.


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