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  1. I’m very happy for this dude. Imagine being able to buy the house you always wanted. Some people never have that opportunity in their lifetime. Invthat requard I’m happy for this dude. I mean it’s a very beautiful home. The kind of home you have nice warm thanksgiving dinners and opening Christmas presents and lil childins running around tearing up wrapping paper. With that said this man is truly blessed.

    If I’m allowed one negative comment and I’ll keep it at that. Please don’t let the gay dog pound up in there. You never know who people are. And if you got someone staying with you you’ll never get them out. I’d hate for this dude to be a victim or for that beautiful home to turn into god forbid a crime scene.

  2. I understand being proud, but you have to have good sense. You just drop a dime on your own self. People don't need to know where you live they might want to visit while you gone and your neighbors don't want to. Know you filming porn next door. 🎥🎬👀

    1. I couldn't agree more. This dude isn't bright at all for doing this. He is inviting trouble by letting folks know what kind of house you have, where you live and now that you put it out on the net, if the neighbors find out you doing porn in there, they can have you arrested.... not a smart move to do this video at all!

  3. Anybody remember that whole fiasco when Cocodorm moved down to Miami and city leaders were pushing to get them evicted once residents learned they were using that home to produce porn? No shade here, but unless he's living in a community or subdivision with like minded people as himself, I dont see him being in that neighborhood very long without a lot of drama from the neighborhood. One thing I know for a fact is that homeowners will not have anything impact the tone of the neighborhood or most importantly the property value of their homes. I know he wants to flaunt and stunt but with the way he makes his income he would've been better off buying a lot or home not surrounded by a bunch of neighbors because as sure as shit stinks that neighborhood is soon going to learn about his antics and when they do....

  4. We already know about it and have contacted the authorities. There is also an alert on Next Door. I understand he trying to make a living but not in our neighborhood. I stay across the street and Im already seeing to much traffic. Thanks to the owner of this blog. IF they didn't post this I wouldn't know this was going on in my neighborhood.


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