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Adult Star Jacen Zhu Reveals Why He Know Longer Works With Noir Male!


  1. He ain't too bright if he is just figuring this out. This was evident before they officially launched

    But fret not, the resident coons - DeAngelo Jackson and Max Konnor will be able to fill his void!

  2. I'm curious though. What would "catering to out community" look like? Isn't it up to us to make sure our needs are met? When black models work exclusively in "urban porn" they're being excluded and marginalized. When they work in "mainstream porn" they're being fetishized, exploited, and worse yet, coons. There doesn't seem to be a way to win this one.

    And Jason is getting tired expressing on line his disappointment in the way white treat him. The first time it was related to his HIV status and about how whites seduce blacks into the whole PNP scene. The second time it was something about white men entertaining black men for sex only, but seeking other white men to date (this was followed by an IG post with Jacen and white man where he suggested they were dating/in a relationship). Now this.

    Maybe it's time for Jacen to wake up and realize that white men don't view him the way he apparently views them. This revelation will save a lot of future disappointment on his part.

  3. So sad he's just now realizing this. What I don't understand is if he and others didn't like studios that presented Black men as "thugs" etc., and wanted the kinds of videos that NoirMale features but that didn't center or focus on white boys, why not start your own studio? Surely there's got to be 1-2 Black/Brown dudes out there with some $ to help you get it off the ground, and all of these Black porn actors know the basics of filming, etc. so why not start your own thing? If Dawgpound/Papithugz, BreedItRaw, Taggaz (RIP), Black Breeders, etc. weren't what you were looking for, take the best aspects of those studios and keep improving. Some of the NoirMale scenes involving only Black/Brown actors have been hot. The menage a trois with Phoenix Fame and Trent King; Zario Travezz and Jaxx Maxxim; Timarrie and Liam Cyber; etc. Black actors and directors could do this if they worked together. Just keep the drugs out, come up with some hot scenarios, and bring some of the faves out there on board. It can't be impossible to do, can it?

  4. I like him even more for waking the fuck up. I fucks with Jacen every since I first seen him, because I saw that he ain't caught up in the color lines, like some of his "black counterparts" who performs in interracial scenes. And he isn't particular about Bottoming and Topping for specific races, like Phoenix Fellington, Trent King, Micah Brandt, Sean Zevran, Robert Craig, Sean Xavier, etc.

    Now that he see's what NoirMale has been doing, for a while now, I'm glad he's moved on. I'm a good judge of character because I knew he was different from the other "token blacks" who are kissing so far up Whitey's ass, they can't even see themselves or the exit.


  5. White Production Company's using Black men, have a hidden agenda. They always have and they always will. And it's more to it, than just presenting porn that "their community" wants to see. They are literally depicting a lot of these "black men" as some kind of "White-desiring", "sex crazed", "horny for white men" objects, put on this earth just to please white people or be pawns.


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