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Rico Pruitt & Kash Dinero Announces Engagement?

Last month controversial couple Rico Pruitt & Kash Dinero made headlines for all the wrong reason. They blasted Signal23Tv CEO Henderson Maddox, claiming they had a bad experience while shooting the season finale in Puerto Rico for Cuffin Season. They also revealed that they were never paid for their stint on the show.  Rico Pruitt revealed that the whole show was scripted and Kash Dinero was already selected to be picked from the start.

Well now after only a few months together, Rico & Kash announced their engagement on social media...


  1. I like Rico. Kash seems cool as well. However a few short months ago Rico was saying how much he loved Arquez. I hope everything works out well for them.

  2. So is there love scripted ? You mean a low budget reality TV was scripted ? We all knew that.. . But no them bottoms so this scripted too??

  3. I can tell Arquez is hurt deep down inside he wont even talk about Rico. I know how I would feel but It also seems like Rico was more of ball and chain holding Arquez back. Why do Gay relationships have to be a revolving door? Theres no consistency or loyalty SHM its a shame.

  4. They are both attention whores and this relationship won't last long.


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