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WadetvShow Buys A House + New Show!!


  1. If you're gonna lie, at least try to be good at it. Also, if you're gonna lie, at least try to post pictures that you look up on Google Images. That house he showed only has 5 bedrooms/4 bathrooms according to its MLS listing here: https://www.movoto.com/atlanta-ga/3473-sw-benefield-pl-atlanta-ga-30349-421_8520127/for-sale/ . Also, the house does not have a swimming pool in the back. One search for the image of the pool he posted and it shows that it's actually a stock image for a pool with a waterfall feature. The house he showed in the video has only been on the market 11 days, and is still on sale. I am really not sure why people have to go on social media for validation/to show off. I have never found why folks try to floss with what they don't have. #MicDrop

    1. *pick up my face*

      This new show is going to be very interesting. He said he is hosting a pool party with Ts Madison...

    2. It looks like he moved in..


  2. LMAOOOOOOOOOOO CHILE,THAT FOOL LIVES IN EAST POINT. I know damn well that house ain't at Camp Creek!!!!! The foolery!!!

  3. I've been a member of his website before and he is a big liar I'm sorry. He will go weeks before he uploads any videos and will claim it's because of editing then he'll make all these claims that he's working with X,Y and Z only to ever see those videos ever be talked about again. I mean to each their own but I'll be damn if I give you 20.00 a mth consistently and for what, no consistent product but me helping you afford your BMW and supposed new home. Hell if I'm going to pay for anyone's car and home it's going to be my damn own!


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