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Tyrone & Johnell Got A Few Words For You Haters...

Tyrone Wells and Johnell Terrell was probably one of the first amateur porn couple that I actually started paying attention to. They were one of the first couples of color to start out on Onlyfans before it became a thing. They even has been gracious enough to give free trials to their fans over the last few months. 

Well I guess a few "fans" been having issues with their content because Ty and John went AWF and threaten to not give out anymore new content.

Johnell and Ty is one of the only people on there that actually give their fans free trials so it will suck if they decide to stop doing it.  People have to realize that everything is not for everybody. Ty and Johnell wont be for everybody.  People should respect their space and dont fuck it up for the rest of us.

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  1. This is why I don't like hateful, miserable, lonely, bitchass gays. I don't deal with them, talk to them, associate with them, add them to my social media and why I block them whenever I see them following me. I check their comments history, who they follow, etc. and if I get a certain negative vibe, i make myself unavailable. I don't share my space, my time, my energy, my life, my force with that type of character. Why are you on their page, if you don't like them? Just to HATE in person? That's so immature, grow the fuck up. I will say this about them, I was only introduced to them recently, like last year..and when they don't show their faces in their videos, I can't tell which one is which. lol


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