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There Is An Julio Gomez "Imposter" On The Loose...

Julio Gomez is most known for his big 12+ dick but as of late he has been in the blogs for all the wrong reasons.  For starters he was exposed by a gay manager (and alleged lover) for playing for both sides of the field although most men in the adult industry is "trysexual". 

Anyway he caught a case late last year and ended up in jail for burglary.

Well his manager didn't let that little setback faze him because he is still pushing Julio's xxx fan page. Too bad his fans ain't having it and called him out on it.

Although the kids think shootter718 is stunting  using Julio Gomez name and image, I will go out on a limb and suggest that maybe Shooter is making money to put on Julio's books and commissary. Honestly it would make sense. 

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