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  1. No one cares about seeing Ace/John or whatever he's calling himself doing the same boring "Total Top" routine with uninteresting White bottoms. Someone needs to tell him that his fanbase moved on over 5 years ago.

    The only way he could even get a glance from me is to get some attractive BLACK MEN involved & to start filming himself taking the dicks he's been taking in his personal life for years.

  2. I still think he sexy as hell. Dark sexy man. He needs to get his ass ate. I'd love to see him do something like that dude does with the white thots...It's something with oral and ass eating. I love to see Ace do stuff like that. Get sucked and his ass ate. I'd sub to it.

  3. Quite frankly I really don't give a fuck about John Johnson Ace Rockwood whatever you want to call yourself now your career in the adult industry is pretty much done you screwed over your gay fan base you claim to be "straight but you still do gay porn on the side watching you perform on camera puts people to sleep that's how boring you are you have no chemistry with none of your actors or actresses

  4. I was never a fan, never saw what everybody else saw in him. I don't find him attractive, never thought his skills was all that, never believed that he was "gay4pay" and found his older gay scenes boring as fuck. Didn't see much of his straight porno scenes, unless he was part of a group of guys, even then, it was with some white bitch. I don't even think I care to see him bottom. Might as well stay doing straight porn or fade away into the backdrop like Bam did when he "left gay porn." Ace's days as a Pornstar, are numbered. He doesn't compare to the guys who already have a foothold in straight porn, and the money is probably not as good either. Coming back to gay porn during a time when there's hardly no Tops left, everybody's a bitch-ass bottom, dudes are dyking out bumping bussies, and the newest "Top" in the game used to be a total bottom named Isaiah Foxx. I can't. I blame versatiles, for the state of Gay Black Porn today. I knew that one day, all of their campaigning to get everyone to be "verse" was going to ruin our community, and they used PORN to send the message. So far,the only working "Top" in black porn, is Rhyheim Shabazz and PhatRabbit, and even then you don't really know if they are really Tops, or pretending to be like everybody else did. Khi laVene is a bitch-ass sissy, who plays in his own ass and I'm sure he bottoms off camera. He has "Sista-gurl" all over him, especially the way he thirsts after VerseTops like Fame, Rhyheim, Buck, etc. I can't with black porn right now.

  5. I kno that right Vic Valentino only fine top n game 2 day

    1. Hell yea Vic the man he eat ass & suck dick & will fuck the shidd out of bottom bitch love him

  6. I'm really shocked at the what people say in these online chats. Especially the racist/sexist/heterophobic venom. So surprising from people who have a melt down if you referred to THEIR color, or THEIR sexuality or THEIR gender. It's one thing saying someone else doesn't turn you on, that's your right, but trashing someone because he chooses to perform in a certain manner with certain people IN FRONT of the camera and perhaps acts differently off screen and by doing that he's some sort of horrible person is beyond comprehension. You people need to grow up and show the tolerance that YOU would want. Jeesh...it's just PORNO people! Get a grip!


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