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Milan Christopher Claims He The First Black Gay....Well Everything!

I guess Milan Christopher woke up on the side of narcissism or we all been in a coma under a rock. In his latest rant, Milan Christopher wanted to remind us that he was the first gay black man to do well....everything.

So I guess we are suppose to forget about Karamo Brown being the first gay reality star? I'm not even going to go there with everything else he said. Yall draggin his ass enough..

Loooove Milan but if you gotta say it out loud...

Yes Milan has accomplished a lot since we first laid eyes on his naked alleged pump ass on Monroeland and after all these years, he is still out here trying to convince us that he is the mother of the black gay community. I guess...

Let Berry Gordy's alleged grandson stroke his own ego for a bit.

In other news...


  1. See this is why nobody takes him seriously! SMH

    1. I have to agree. Milan constantly bragging on himself has gotten rather old.

  2. He really needs to go somewhere and sit down, preferably on a therapists couch and since he's so rich he def can afford the sessions. Also it kills me how these gay black dudes think by posing your nude pics and videos you become the next Kim K. It's too much at times


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