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Legendary Adult Star Sean Michaels Explains Why He Is Now Doing Shemale Porn...

Legendary adult star Sean Michaels has been in the adult industry for over 30 years. Just recently after teasing fans with cuckold flicks,  he took it a step further and is now featuring in shemale films.

He opens up about his decision in a new interview..

This is a milestone in your career, and I think a milestone for the adult industry at large, to have a performer of your caliber and legacy take this step. Who initiated the idea? You or Aiden Starr?
I did. It is something I have been planning for several years, actually. Back in the mid-90s, I went to France and saw my first transsexual women. It was very interesting and very stimulating. So, since '94 or '95 I have been interested in the whole transsexual experience and what they are about as individuals. Also, never, ever deny yourself the opportunity to do something in life when it presents itself because you are worried about what other people are going to say, do, or think, because that is going to happen anyway, regardless of what you do in life. Any steps you take in life, people are going to be critical of it, whether it's in business, life, or your personal sexual life in this particular case. It is important to not hide. I have heard other males are dabbling in it, but they aren’t owning it and are doing it behind closed doors, some footage leaks out and there are questions about who you are with. Why?
I am very confident in who I am as a person and confident in my body of work over the years and confident in those people who support me, truly support me, for who I am as an individual and what I bring to this industry. Although, I don't think the industry really acknowledges that, for whatever reasons. Honestly, there’s still a lot of racism in our industry and, obviously, in our country that I’ve been battling since day one. When I started my company, Sean Michaels Productions in 1999, I basically started my own distribution, and at the end of my movies, I would put little taglines like, “no color lines,” and, “if prejudice is seen with the eyes, look with the heart and the mind.” This is my message, this is my legacy. I’m so excited because I’m super turned-on to step into this genre of adult films and filmmaking.

What kind of feedback have you received from your fans? How about your friends?
The majority of responses I’ve received have been super positive and supportive. Of course, I received some negative feedback and blowback, but I expected that and I expect more. Again, people always want to scrutinize, especially in this day of social media. As far as I’m concerned, scrutinize away. I am a singular individual who believes in what I believe in, which is good, healthy sex for everyone out there as long as you’re not hurting people who are underage or people who aren’t consenting to the sexual advances of an individual.
Is this a one-time performance, or will there be more?
This is something I’ve been planning over several years. With my whole cuckold seriesover at Evil Angel, that was where I started to initiate the whole cuckold/male getting closer to my penis and so on and so forth. There’s a litany of things I want to do with my new genre now, including direct and produce my own TS series and just build a whole community of individuals who understand, “hey, I can do this.” And sure, you’re going to get scrutiny from other people, but always do what you want in life as long as you’re happy doing it. Don’t do it just for the money. That’s not a good enough reason in my opinion. If you’re not sincere about it, the sincerity doesn’t come through. People are connoisseurs of entertainment, and especially of porn, so they know when it’s like, “wow, they’re just mailing it in here.” I’m all about passion and chemistry, so that’s what I plan to bring to the TS industry, and the fact that I’m not gay, meaning that I’m not planning on doing gay movies where I’m going to be blowing guys or guys are going to be fucking me in the ass, or vice-versa. No, I’m fucking TS women because they turn me on. It’s a genre that obviously needs individuals like myself to step forward and help to cultivate it to a higher level.

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  1. It's only a matter of time before Sean Michaels starts stretching some bussy walls or getting some bro dome. Imma watch either way. Sean Michaels always been that dude for me.

  2. I wonder if the rumor is true, that Sean Michaels & Isiah Maxwell are father and son.

  3. Keep doing your thing Sean.....you sure fucking some beautiful TG girls

  4. This is what not planning for your future looks like,ladies and gentlemen..The broke female porn actresses who would never go black,suddenly all up on black dick,and 60+ year old Sean Michaels,fucking men on roids,pretending to be kinda women...Sean,gay for pay is gay..This isn't some exciting new career path,it's a sad end to a stellar career,and a guy who will do literally anything for money. I hear that Bruce Jenner might be interested in a little collab,where you two toss...Javelins at each other?

  5. I was hooked on Sean Michaels from the first time I saw his beautiful face and incredible body and always fantasized about him hoping he was into this. Well dreams do come true and maybe I can have him one day still.


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