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Ken J aka ImMadeByMattel Went AWF On Chino Blac..

Chile I'm not even sure how this beef got started or what exactly he did but Ken J aka ImMadeByMattel went clean off on my dude Chino Blac.


  1. This KenJ guy is so TOXIC. I don't think i've seen one video with him saying something positive or uplifting. It's always talking negative about people and spreading their business. I always question anyone who even entertains the thought of hanging with him!

    1. Yeah, I've heard & often noticed he's always in some type of beef with someone. It's really a shame. I thought dude was sexy as fuck but he is so quick to wanna fight this person, that person, her, him, them etc lol. Wild.smh

  2. So, 2 of my favorite brothas are going at it..come one man. Based on Chino's responses though, I don't think Chino is really even taking the dude that seriously. He's more laughing about the situation from what I've seen in his responses on KenJ's facebook page. ...you know what, maybe they should both settle their beef on blackwrestlingnetwork, in the nude. Loser gets fucked lol. Seriously though, stop beefing guys.. There is a whole world out there that hates us so why beef with each other like this? Stop.


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