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Kash Dinero Blast Signal23TV CEO Over Puerto Rico Trip Hell!

Kash Dinero is mad as hell at the creators of Signal23tv Cuffin Season starring Rico Pruitt. The show itself is describe as the Bachelor meets Flava Of Love with Rico Pruitt being the center subject.

A couple of months ago Rico Pruitt posted a picture of Kash and him all booed up suggesting that they were now dating. As you know Rico Pruitt had just recently parted ways with his ex boyfriend Arquez, who is ironically Kash's arch nemesis.

Turns out Kash was one of the contestants on the show which also featured his best friend JD Blackstone.  I'm assuming he won the competition overall (I have only watch five episodes so don't quote me). The winning prize an all expense paid trip to Puerto Rico.

Turns out the trip was a major bust. Kash took to social media via Rico's page and spilled all the tea.


  1. Why do you keep referring to Kash as Arquez arch nemesis? I have never heard anything about them beefing or having issues with each other.

  2. Rico and Kash together? they both drunks, weed heads and have explosive personalities...this relationship won't last long and the breakup will be dramatic..just watch and see!


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