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John Johnson Want That Ol Thang Back...

It's been almost a decade since John Johnson went by his original name that made him relevant.

Apparently he wants that old thing back..


  1. He only change his name because, he went into str8 porn.

  2. He was still going by Ace Rockwood sometimes. He had some gay scenes on Dawgpoundusa just a few years ago.

  3. Be smart...For whatever reason the money or the attention in his straight porn endeavor is drying up and he wants to be more relevant. He absolutely was running away from the gay fan base. You can best believe he has seen how Bo Sinn has walked face forward into gay porn and has been basically unscathed. But beware there are some differences he should understand. All that being said if he's smart he can take off with a remastered version of his gay past and self.He should should look at the homoeroticism of his work with American pornstar.com...build from that and push the envelope and Ace you will have the hottest site out there.trust me...

    1. Yea that rapper Ozuna scandal, got him more attention for his gay porn than his str8 porn.

  4. His coins are dried up and he needs money. But I don't believe his fan base is there anymore and those who remember him remember he wasn't very nice to us. I'm sure he will go back to Noir male and make some boring Mandingo porn.


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