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John Johnson Better Known As Ace Rockwood Promise Hot New Gay Content..

 It's not secret that John Johnson aka Ace Rockwood hates my guts mostly because I would buy into his narcissism.

  He even went as far as tried to have my site shut down early last year but that's another post for another day.

Nevertheless you can't deny that Ace Rockwood or John Johnson is probably on of the most iconic porn stars of our time.

Love me or hate me, I will always salute a brotha when he is killing it.

He hinted a few months ago that he was venturing back into gay porn via his xxx fan page.

I guess its official...


  1. He also said that American-pornstar was supposed to be shooting gay bareback porn. This was back in March of last year.

  2. Will James Jagger and Macana Man be featured?

    1. I doubt it because they're only into girls and even if they were bi, they would be risking their careers in straight porn

  3. Ha!!! Right .I feel the same lol

  4. I guess time will tell...at least, I'd like to see him do a verse scene for once. Utimately, I'd love to see him giving up those manly cakes of his😈

  5. Yeah, but if both models are tested at the same time, it would not be that much of a risk.

  6. But wouldn't they also need to abstain from unprotected sex for at least three months prior to testing?... and even if not, no one should have to put their health at risk for yall fantasies lol. Personally, I'm getting tired of seeing so many amateur, bareback videos being made. It saddens me especially given the HIV rates smh

  7. With that being said, I personally have no interest in him. I hate to sound negative, but most of his videos bored me especially once I realized he wasn't going to be versatile like he first hinted when he first appeared at Cocodorm/ Flavaworks. Whichever it was.

  8. Dee is right that, Ace has been sayin on his American-Pornstar website that they were going to start shoot gay content since March of last year! Smh. I subscribed to his OnlyFans to ask him when is it going to come out and he said very soon! So when I continued to ask him more about it in our convo, he said in these words “I’m trying the best I can to get this out sooner. These things take time. I’m not rich....” Now I’m thinking that this is some bs, cause if y’all follow him on Instagram you can see that he is always posting aftermath or before clips of him filming for his str8 website. So from the looks of it, looks like his new and up in coming gay site is not his priority, cause like we all know he’s been talking about it since last spring. Oh also I forgot to tell you on me and his convo on OnlyFans, when I ask inquiring about the gay site I was giving him compliments about his work and his ass is going to tell me that he’s only shot “ONE” scene and then when I replied a week later he told me now he’s done two scenes and then that’s when I started to really question him and then he told me that bull shit excuse smh.

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