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Instagram Model Malik Joseph Exposes Intimate Relationship With NFL Baller PJ Hall Via Text!

IG model Malik Joseph is claiming that he was allegedly having a sexual relationship with NFL player PJ Hall.

That was until he found out PJ had a girlfriend he didn't know about.

What does an aspiring model do to get back at his baller lover? Tell the baller lover's fans to go dm his girlfriend with the alleged juice tea.

Mr. Hall’s reps say that it isn’t true and confirms that Mr. Joseph is making defamatory and slanderous accusations against Mr. Hall. No word on if they plan to pursue legal actions against Mr. Joseph for his social media postings.

Mr. Joseph explains that he was just upset that he found out Mr. Hall had a girlfriend and wasn’t trying to extort him, he provides text messages between himself and allegedly Mr. Hall that he says proves that he isn’t lying.

So does this means he was shxtting on your dick too?


  1. This dude is going to find himself seriously hurt or even worse, murdered. This is messy on so many levels.

  2. Why would he even put himself in a position like that? smh Anyone with common sense knows that a lot of these sports players are on the down low so why even go there when you see they have a girlfriend? Just leave. Move on & find a man who better suits your needs instead of making a public fool out of yourself & your ex.

  3. "Yall wanted this Malik to come out. Let's do it."

    This immature, messy bird sounds like someone on the cusp of graduating high school, and registering to vote. Like seriously, grow up. Someone with this type of energy wouldn't even be allowed in my space.

  4. I don't like people being outed. Not at all


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