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BBA Model Kingston Is Sucking Dicks In New Scene..


  1. I swear on my life brah, I swear on my life brah you ain't that worried about no girl that you liked if you right back filming for this dude once again! Who you gone go all ballistic on this time when your tea gets spilled to "another" girl! Obviously you drinking too too much ovaltine and it's stunting your brain cells brah!

    1. You do know this scene was recorded well before his rant, right?

  2. I guess getting a regular job was harder than doing porn and getting mad about people finding out you sex men for money. ����‍♀️�������� he is not that attractive to me to care.

  3. Again, the scene was recorded before the rant.

  4. you know he has filmed a scene with scuba as well right or was that before the rant too?


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