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Adult Star Pheonix Fellington Shades The Hell Out Of Cardi B & Her Fans Drags Him For Filth!

So the Grammys was last night and although I'm still pissed at the fact that they let Jennifer Lopez do a damn Motown tribute, I have to say the show was pretty good.

Former stripper Cardi B took home a Grammy for best rap album ,becoming the first female to win as a solo artist and join seven female rappers. She also put on a stellar performance in spite of the fact that she lip synched.

Well one porn star in particularly had a lot to say about Cardi B and her performance.

Let's just say he didn't hold back and her fans were there to drag him in return.

Now I like Pheonix.  He came out of nowhere and made a name for himself over the last few years. He recently won Noir Male's Man of the year 2018.

I would think considering that Cardi B started out in the adult industry and he is currently one of the most sought out models right now, he would be a little more supportive even if she wasn't his cup of tea.  She is paving the way for people like him.  Yes she was a stripper but she went on to be one of the most recognizable reality star to date and now she is a Grammy award winning artist. I did think his comments were indeed harsh and well....

You get what you put out in the universe.

I'm sure he won't be stripping and doing porn for the rest of his life and I would hope he would use his celebrity to chase after his dreams. I just hate when  people who are cut from the same cloth go out of their way to be hateful.

It's really not a good look...


  1. I love Pheonix but him dgragging Cardi B is not cool in the least!

  2. I do not care for him at all. He's young and officially dumb. He tries to blow off all criticism of himself while being critical of others. I do agree that his sex is mediocre at best.Hopefully his use by date will come soon and we will not have to look at him much longer. I bypass his scenes..can't even get hard watching him.

  3. Cardi B is a trash artist though. FACTS.

  4. Gotta agree with Pheonix, Cardi B tired before she showed up.


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