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Second Victim Found Dead In Democratic Donor's House Had A Porn Past!

A second black gay man was found inside wealthy Democratic donor Ed Buck's West Hollywood residence in the last 18 months. He was identified by friends as 55-year-old Timothy Dean. In addition to working for Sak Fifth Avenue and a member of National Gay Basketball Association, Dead was also a former porn star. He performed under the alias Hole Hunter from 2007-2016 with BlacksOnBoys.

Democratic Donor Ed Buck was not properly investigated when the first black man, Gemmel Moore, died in his apartment of an apparent drug overdose in 2017.

Moore confessed in a diary that Buck paid him to inject crystal meth

Now that Dean (a.k.a. Hole Hunter) has been found dead in Buck’s apartment, the LASD has reopened the investigation into the 2017 death of Moore, a sex worker who died in Buck’s apartment of an alleged meth overdose. Many believe, however, that Moore was in fact murdered by Buck, and sheriff’s officials have said they will review Moore’s case in conjunction with the investigation into Dean’s death.


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