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Sabrina Frazier AKA Markeith Rivers Is Back To Her Old Ways..

You would think after nearly losing your life you might want to stop for a moment and reevaluate your life and change your ways. But then again there is Sabrina Frazier...most of you might know her as Markeith Rivers, who was known for exposing DL men and recording her sex sessions with them without their knowledge. Just a few days ago, she was gushing over some white dude and that she was going to let her devious ways go because she didn't want him to "pull a random act of violence on her". Well by the new year that shit was over and she is back to her usual malicious ways.. Ain't no good is going to come from this and while I don't wish ill on anyone, I can see already that this saga is not going to end well for Sabrina if she keep this mess up. It's just not worth her life.
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