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Reggaeton Rapper Is Accused Of Having A Gay Porn Past....Allegedly!

Another rapper is being accused of having past. This time it's Reggaeton rapper Ozuna..

According to gossip site Xposed Magazine, the alleged rapper starred in a series of porn movies in 2011.

The site also suggests that the rapper is associated with the death of fellow rapper Kevin Fret.

ALL Of this is alleged of course.

I don't think it's him but you judge for yourself.

Xposed Magazine News received information that the reggaeton player OZUNA in 2012 at age 19 when he was a resident of New York City worked in several gay movies where he goes out having sex with different men .... Apart from that OZUNA had a sentimental relationship with the famous transsexual Barbie Delgado to whom he paid the breasts and also with Kevin Fret ... in New York ozuna has a criminal record for a drug case that we will soon reveal ... this is an exclusive of Xposed Magazine no one has this information .. ! OZUNA IS THE SUSPICIOUS OF ORDERING KEVIN FRET'S ASSASSINATION ACCORDING TO DOZENS OF INFORMANTS OF XPOSED IN SAN JUAN!


  1. If Ozuna did a hire for murder he wasted his money b/c that video has been on the Internet for years.

  2. I found the video, it's just him jackin' off to Ace and two other dudes fuckin' in the next room.


    1. Starting around the 50 minute mark till around the hour mark. Honestly, the choreography is terrible in this scene.

  3. i've seen the video, and it's definitely him. I haven't seen him in any other scenes or productions though. The scene, is flat out horrible. I'm not surprised though because Ace Rockwood is in it.

  4. He played a peeping tom in one gay porn movie where he does a solo scene without interacting with any of the actors in the film. It wasn't like A.R. Fox who actually did a very popular Thugbait gay sex scene.


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