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Milan Christopher Dragged On Twitter After Jussie Smollett Comment..

Milan Christopher posted statement about the Jussie Smollett expressing his doubts on the situation. That didn't go well with critics on Twitter..


  1. He's an idiot with a big dick and nice cakes.

  2. I agree with Chris. The whole story sounds fishy. There are also a lot of sheep in this world who just gobble everything up without doing their own investigative research or without using their common sense. So, I'm with Mr. Milan on this one.

    1. You, like Miss Milan are an idiot! There was a death threat sent to Fox the week before. Where did he get bleach from? Where did he get a rope from? Who put the bruises on his face? Thin about the millions of crimes that happen that have no video evidence. Some people are really dumb to think just because there's no tape it never happened. Get out of your instagram world and face reality.

  3. I live in Chicago, and that area in which Jussie said he was attacked is an area where most of the Hotels and Restaurants get their deliverings and that area so have alot of cams. I hope he isn't lying about the situation, but what we all know is that he was attacked based on the news report they played the phone call made from the hospital and of course that facetime pic, but the police can't find the attack on cam they just have the 2 people leaving the area and Jussie leaving.

  4. Milan may be an idiot but looks like he was right.


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