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My Video Response To Adult Model Kingston's Apology For Homophobic Rant!

Click here for backstory. 


  1. Kingston is happily sucking dicks on latest BBA scene released last night.

  2. I hate when people say, "I have gay friends"! It's like, "I have black friends"! SMH

    1. Right. It irks my damn nerves. It's a dead giveaway that they are really racist or homophobic...and a terrible friend. I respect people who stand in their shit. Own it!!

  3. I'm confused. You identify as straight but you bottomed on camera and sucked dick. If he was in a heterosexual relationship he should've gotten ahead of the blowback and discussed it with his girlfriend to diffuse it...

  4. There's no excuse for someone else taking the liberty to expose another person so maliciously. I don't give a fuck if he sucked some dick right after he posted his rant..that's no one's business to take it further and intercept his personal life, involved oneself where they have no business being involved, and then sit back and watch the shit hit the fan. We're cancelling them messy bitches today. Sewer, Gutter, Slime and Scat juices. Disinfect them.


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